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My Life

My Life

About me.

"Where Do You Come From?"

Early Education

I started playing the piano at the age of five. My first piano teacher was a Dutch whose name is unfortunately lost from our family’s memory. He believed that kids learn the piano better by hearing the tunes than by reading the notes. And so I learned playing my first little tunes with the music only in my head and not on paper.

At the age of 10, when we moved 600 km south to Bavaria, I got my second teacher. It was Geli from Haag. No, not another Dutch. Funny enough, but it was not Den Haag in the Netherlands, but simply “Haag”, a small town in upper Bavaria, 50 km east of Munich. Geli, an educated classical piano player, almost always was in a good mood. She combined her technical playing skills with a fresh teaching approach.

Geli had quite some work to do, improving both my skills in playing the music and my ability to do that by the notes. At that time, for me any written character was so far away from music, but today I agree that it is in fact important to be able to read – and write – music according to some standards that musicians in all countries can understand.

However, at that time between 10 and 14, I did not think so and gave her quite a hard time at this part. I ignored the notes and played the music just from the few times she played it to me. Of course I was pretending to read the notes. But after a while she realized and she started having me learn anew piece just from paper, without playing it to me the first place.

I hated it those days, but appreciate it very much meanwhile.

The Finding

In the next two years, I learned a lot from Geli.

But after a while we realized that her approach of working through existing music pieces and sticking very much to what was given there – as good as it was in the beginning – was not longer appropriate for me.

Modern music such as Jazz or Rock piano was not quite her domain. Further, I wanted to learn how to actually “make” music, both with respect to improvisation and regarding complete composition of new songs.In addition, this was the time when I started my first attempts in composing music and arranging it with keyboard and computer. With my interests getting broader, I felt the limits of the situation getting narrower.

With 15 it was time to say Good Bye to Geli when I changed to my next teacher. Angie got a classical education as well, but she is an active player in a band. She teaches piano, key board, and singing.

It was the ideal combination for me – and the beginning of a very satisfying and effective (I hope :) ) phase in my musical education – which is still ongoing.

Today is a Gift. That's why
it's called "the present"

Currently, I am focusing on composing pieces for "classical" instrumentation, arranging mainly strings and winds, adding sometimes gentle and sometimes vivid piano lines. I play some of the songs life with some friends, others are transformed into music by my notation software. In order to get a better feeling for this kind of music I started playing a "real" violine myself .

To New Horizons:
Life is a Journey...

... and where it will take you, you never know.

All I know is that I am looking forward to the songs behind the horizon, not being sung yet but still waiting to be discovered.


is just like remembering a melody
that came to no ones mind yet."
Robert Schumann

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