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Music for eMotion Picture

Turning pictures into emotions

Composing, arranging and creating scores for motion pictures is my main passion. Film music is made to add atmosphere to the images. That's a special challenge to me - and a great pleasure at the same time. Some samples and short excerpts of my so far work are available below - some as video, some as audio, some just a short reference note.


Sample Score for a Short Film: “Our Past is his Future”

A short film about a visitor from the past. It was presented during the "young film festivals" "Jugend Filmt" Landshut and "JuFinale 2009". Adapted to the "medieval" topic, the atmosphere was set accordingly using symphonic themes and instrumentation. See www.opihf.wordpress.com for more about the movie and the music.

Sample Sound Track for Commercial Video

“A French Memory" for
Image Video for Siemens EAS GmbH&Co. KG. (Excerpt, published with permission.) The video starts with a short intro given by a French customer. Accordingly, the first tune is a short French inspired accordion theme. Then, there is video from the show presentation without music, until the French tune leads to the outro given again by the French customer. The second part of the film (about 2 minutes) is a compilation of shots giving booth impressions. This part is 100% scored by a percussion based tune with underlying piano streams.

Sample Music for Video Clip: Shanghai

Music for Video with impressions from Shanghai, China. The film shows different scenes from Shanghai metro area including some scenic spots outside the city. The music is like the city: a medley of eastern and western elements. The balance is always set according to the scene. Additional material is available for Beijing including the Great Wall.

Sample Music for Video Clip: Charity Event

Music for a video about a local fund raising event: a 92km "more than a double" Marathon run performed by two runners, where Kilometers were "sold" to sponsors. The music was created to amplify the atmosphere: At the start, during the run through the country side and on hot roads, right through the finish (where some on-site music set in...) Drums play an important part here, but strings and the piano were used as well.


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