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"Marc André Förste and Friends"

That was a great event. Some friends and I were playing some songs of mine on "ancient" instruments. Thank You so much to everyone who took part in making this a wonderful experience: to my friends who were on stage with me, to the many visible and invisible helpers before and during the show, and of course to everyone in the audience.

A Video and CD is in the making and will be available soon.

Find more at www.foerste.de

Images: Sabine Schulte (1), Rüdiger Buss (2)

Floating on Sounds

Most of my work is at least influenced by my deep fascination for symphonic music.

"Symphoniation" is therefore both a term that both describes a key aspect of my musical me and can be used as collective term for a number of recent compositions. I composed pieces for some smaller ensembles as well as for larger ensembles. I had the pleasure to arrange and play some of these pieces live with a well recognized local school orchester. I am fond of classical music and symphonic orchestration.

This is definitely something that tells a lot about my working scope.

Band Project: Indie Rock


An excourse into Indie Rock. Together with some friends I played some of my composings at a local festival. It was a singular event and the band is no longer active, but the shots from the concert add to the overview of my "portfolio".

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