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"It's not my fault!"

In a perfect world, this page would be not necessary.


In an almost perfect world, it would just take two sentences:
1) We link to other websites, but we can't control what their owners do there.
2) We hope you like this site. But if not, it is not our fault.


In the best of all worlds we have, it takes a "disclaimer", telling in more detail everything we shall not be held responsible for:


The website was created with due dilligence and with great eagerness to do it complete, correctly, and without hurting anyones feeling more than inevitable if you are creating a website that contains music. (I send my deepest apologies to all death metal fans, you probbaly had a hard time here)

However, as no-one is perfect, there might be some flaws and incorrectnesses left. We assume no liability for that, but we will be happy i
f you tell us. We will then remove the faulty pieces as soon as possible.

All people shown on pictures or videos here are either part of a large crowd or have given their permission to publish their image at this site. All videos and othe rmaterial was posted with permission of the holder of the requied rights.

External links, despite just a very few, have been checked upon inserting them to this site, and will be regularly checked for proper content. However, they can't be checked continously and therefore - as you all know - the only one liable for content on external website is the guy who posted them.

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