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360° of My Music: A Panorama View

Music for the Eyes

A key part of my musical me is in fact creating "Music for the Eyes": I am composing and arranging music for movies, video clips and theatres. In this context, Music is meant to enhance or sometimes even create an atmosphere for the motion pictures visible on the screen. For this purpose, I like grouping symphonic instruments around sometimes calm, sometimes vivid piano lines. But according to the visual context I am using as well "modern" instruments and sounds as required to support the visual message best.

The "Showreel" button leads you to a short video containing some samples of my work, giving you a better idea of what I mean than many more written words could ever do.

Turning Pictures into Emotions

In many cases the soundtrack of a movie makes the difference between "motion picture" and "emotional pictures". This is true as well for video clips (both commercial and non-profit) and even (or in particular) for slide shows. Of course, the score alone won't turn narrative dust and photographical fuzz into a cinematic diamond. However, it can do its share - and in many cases the auience might not even recognize.

In fact, a good score is sometimes rather "felt" then heard: People may not even remember that there was music. Of course, the other end is possible as well such in recent block busters, where the soundtrack becomes as popular as the movie itself.

The button "Music for (e)motion pictures" leads you to some examples of my work that are shown in more depth than it was possible in the Show Reel.

"Notes" to the curtain

As with the "recorded" version of visual narration, music can add atmosphere as well to theatre plays or other art performances. This is apparantly true for Operas or Musicals performed on stage, but applies as well for many other theatre pieces that are not based on the musical elements.

The button "Music for Theatre and Arts" leads you to samples of respective projects I did recently. They include both playing "Live on stage" and supplying the theatre director with a recording to be played during the show.

Music alive !

Aside from creating "Music for the Eyes" I love to play my compositions live on stage, together with friends and other musicians that share this passion. I had the opportunity to have some events recorded on video. The button "Live On Stage" transfers you directly to the stage.

Music for You ?

Do you need "atmosphere" for a film or a video clip? Do you want to add usical emotions for your theatre play or other art performance? For whatever purpose: If you think my music and your pictures could make a perfect match, I'd be very happy to receive your message. Please let me know what you need and what style you are looking for. I will come back to you as soon as possible to discuss further proceeding.

The "Let'sTalk" button transfers you to the e-mail form and some details about how we could work together.

Of course, in case you just like my music or want to get in touch for any other reason, you are as well invited to get there.


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